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After working for five years as a district-level technology facilitator, I am now returning to the classroom. It's my goal to make my 5th grade class a model for how technology can be powerfully integrated into instruction and learning. Join my students and me on the journey! It's sure to be bumpy, but exciting...

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Autistic Children's Reaction to Digital Story Telling

This summer, a dear friend and language arts teacher from North Shore District 112, and I had several conversations about one of her students who's Autistic. She was struggling with ways to help this high school student engage in the writing process. Jan is a phenomenal writing teacher, but even she had trouble helping this young man get ideas down on paper.

She had hoped that I might have some ideas with background in special education; unfortunately my experience is almost exclusively with LD/ED students and I wasn't too much help. Recently I heard an interesting Autism article on NPR's This I Believe. In this article, a woman with Autism describes how she views the world differently from others. I as fascinated by her descriptions of seeing concepts as pictures. This made me wonder about how Autistic children might respond to one of my favorite writing projects, digital story telling. None of my students this year are diagnosed as Autistic. Has anyone tried this kind of project with Autistic kids?


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