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After working for five years as a district-level technology facilitator, I am now returning to the classroom. It's my goal to make my 5th grade class a model for how technology can be powerfully integrated into instruction and learning. Join my students and me on the journey! It's sure to be bumpy, but exciting...

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Here They Come!

Well tomorrow is the big day! The classroom is ready, and the lesson plans are set. All I need now is a room vibrating with excited kids. I can't but help wonder what the kids are thinking and feeling this evening. As I recall my schooling, all I remember is worrying about what I was going to wear, who I would sit with on the bus and at lunch, and the excitement of all new school supplies. There was something so cool about a box of 48 Crayons, tips intact and still rainbow organized! I don't remember thinking much about the teacher or what we might do in class. This topic might make a good "quick write" in their writers' notebooks!

On the techy end of the start of school, most of my lessons tomorrow will involve displaying, gathering and sharing information either through an LCD projector or my classroom TV. Things will be pretty low-tech for the kids for a while. I did find out that my Furl account is open - yea, and that my students will have access to their iBooks on September 7th. I'm so fortunate to work in a district with all of these resources, and wonderful hardware support!


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