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After working for five years as a district-level technology facilitator, I am now returning to the classroom. It's my goal to make my 5th grade class a model for how technology can be powerfully integrated into instruction and learning. Join my students and me on the journey! It's sure to be bumpy, but exciting...

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

K12 Online Conference

The K12 Online Conference started this week. I downloaded David Warlick's keynote to my iPod. It's about an hour long, and I've yet to find a moment to view it. I love the format of this conference: learn when you have time, and post your ideas utilizing your favorite technologies including blogs, wikis, and Skype conferences. When I first came across this conference, I shared it with everyone I know who's into ed tech. No one has responded to the emails I sent promoting the conference. . I suggested my district make it "take home" staff development, a model we've used for other classes; no response. What's going on? I'm feeling like I'm the only one I know who recognizes the power of these web 2.0 technologies that allow a community learners to form around common learning goals.

I'm hoping, that this conference can re-energize my ed tech passions. Now that I'm in a classroom, and no longer part of my district's technology group, I find that I'm cutoff from those with whom I can have stimulating, thought provoking conversations regarding technology integration. Is anyone out there? I'm looking for you!

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